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past work for Architects

There’s a lot of work here going back to 1996 and designing a temple in Malaysia.
I have covered many areas of architecture ,sometimes as the design architect and sometimes as the site architect and once here in Qatar as both .Both are unique skill sets and I enjoy the conversations on both sides of the coin.I have had the good fortune to work with and for many architects and clients and I hope that all of them have taught me something and added to the dialogue that continues every day with new designs and new opportunities .
Briefly I have covered hospital refurbishment , supermarkets , housing , and a couple of fairly painful mixed use developments on difficult site combining new build and refurbishmnet.
The nature of architecture being cyclical and harsh most of the firms I worked for no longer exist, two disappearing in the last couple of years .At the time of writing this economic prospects are better , but one thing is certain architects have to be adaptable

11-09-09-Asia-Housing copy

11-09-09-Asia-Religeous copy

11-09-09-ely copy

11-09-09-Hanley shopping mall copy

11-09-09-Housing - Urban design  copy

11-09-09-Housing Conversion-Kemble copy

11-09-09-Mill conversion copy

11-09-09-Mixed use 1-St PATRICKS

11-09-09-Mixed use2- Rye Lane

11-09-09-Nursing home