Old and new -Refurbishmnet

Joining old and new buildings together , always fun.

Having said that there’s a great satisfaction in breathing new life into an old building.
All of these schemes are designed by other architects except Harris Mill and Neasden Nursing Home which I designed for Lowry Design and Archer Architects respectively the former which won a civic award back in 2001 in Preston Lancashire, the latter unfortunately never got built despite many years of fighting to get and achieving full planning permission.

On all these projects I was the project architect with sole responsibility to carry the designs from planning drawings through to full construction details and site co-ordination.That usually means being in the office and managing junior architect or trainee making sure they are not randomly changing construction levels , or on a smaller project doing all the drawings , issuing them and then following through on site.

A big part of work in Britain involves working with old structures a very different set of skills to working with a blank sheet of paper on a new build site.

Harris Mill is probable my favorite scheme as it was built in six months from first sketches , the planning officer was great and helped produce a simple intervention that gave new life to a fine listed building.It also created a great asset to the local university.

11-09-09-Nursing home 11-09-09-Mixed use2- Rye Lane 11-09-09-Mixed use 1-St PATRICKS 11-09-09-Mill conversion copy 11-09-09-Housing Conversion-Kemble copy

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