Irish Revit House



This is a design for a real client but not one that ever got off the drawing board , at least not yet …which I did over a quiet week in December 14 as a Revit Study, it seemed  a shame just to study Revit without a proper design so I offered to do this as a favor . It meets a brief but was not take through to planning as the mother in law wanted a Dallas Style box , this is not a deep plan Dallas  style solution , but a thin house in the tradition of the area, this is very much a design generated to create external spaces and gardens as much as interior spaces , at least that’s the intention.

The house is based on three  external spaces ,front garden , a long thin tradition view .Then arrival , a courtyard space that has a garage , covered way , access to the kitchen , the place where you park cars.

front view


Finally   a private rear space , orientated to the sun with all the main reception rooms and living areas looking in.A place to catch the odd ray of sun on a summers day , plant  a herb garden or watch your children play.

rear view

The principle of traditional design to the road , and more contemporary and open to the sun and private spaces to the rear of the house .

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