My own Passivhaus

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Dawn on an Autumn day
Dawn on an Autumn day

I was travelling through the Cork Countryside on the way to a now recently defunct public house when my Brother in law suggested we look at a site , that was in 2008, now several years , one major recession and two countries later our house is nearing completion .
I wanted to make something simple that a local block layer could build , with a slate pitched roof to match the local area , I always loved the small houses that dot the road from the wife’s family house to our site , and I hoped that when its finished and landscaped that it will sit well with the older houses on its windswept perch sat high over the Lee Valley.
I also wanted to use a German system called Passivhaus recently introduced to me by a German Colleague as it answered the question I wondered on my previous Irish Build – how much insulation do you put in the walls ?

Proof will be in the pressure test , hopefully later this year …


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