There is a history of architects doing other things ,mission creep or whatever you want to call it .From art , furniture and now we just need to wait and see….

The fact is we love design and we respond to each generations needs.

This generation wants to reduce fossil fuel use , buildings make up a huge part of that, ( Hence the obsession with Passivhaus , do your own research there ) , however other issues that intrigue me and I hope to develop are transport- increase use of cycling – see cycle tube idea.

How we eat , low energy green houses-hoping to build one  and a variety of other slightly tree hugging matters.

Its obvious that we are on the edge of a huge societal transformation , there are so many major technologies breaking from science fiction into reality, 3d printing ( buildings ) virtual reality , internet of things, driverless cars, holograms – to me all these things allow for a complete change in how we move and behave , limited only by how we can adapt.I can imagine working from home , my car pod arriving with the weekly shop , growing food as part of community exchange in a low energy all year green house while I print a 3d plastic recycled thing for my hippy waist length hair  .Stop -Its all too much.



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